Electromagnetic flowmeters

Electromagnetic flowmeters

Sensors MUT 2200 EL / MUT 2500 EL

  •  Body and flange

 The flange and the sensor external surface are acrylic painted. This
treatment gives the sensor an excellent resistance to water, even in
permanent immersion. When special ambient conditions require it,
the MUT 2000 EL / MUT 2500 EL may be supplied in stainless steel,
flange included .

  • Internal lining

 The standard internal insulating lining is in PTFE for diameters from
ND 15 to ND 150, in hard rubber (ebonite for food) for diameters of
more than ND 150. On request, the sensors may be supplied coated
with PTFE with diameters of more than ND 150. The temperature of
the liquid to be measured is limited by the kind of internal lining

  • Electrodes

 The standard electrodes are in nickel alloys C 22 and, therefore,
guarantee a wide compatibility with the process liquids, if required,

  • Coupling and connecting to sensor

 MUT 2200 EL / MUT 2500 EL sensors may be coupled with any
EUROMAG converters (see Table 5). In the separate version the
sensor is connected to the converter by means of a cable whose
length depends on the liquid conductivity; the maximum length not
exceeding 100 metres as shown in Figure 1. If these sensors are
inserted in a plastic or lined pipe line, they require the use of two
grounding rings of the liquid, which are inserted between the flange
and the counter flange or the installation of the grounding electrode.
An empty pipe device is also available

  • Choice of diameter

 When choosing the diameter we advice keeping at the full scale flow
rate, a liquid velocity of at least 2÷3 m/s. The maximum acceptable
velocity is of 10 m/s. Figure 3 provides the flow rate for each ND
(nominal diameter) according to the liquid velocity.

  • Maximum temperature of the liquid

  In the separate version the maximum liquid temperature allowed is
shown in Table 4. In the compact version instead, the maximum temperature allowed depends on the ambient temperature. This is
due to the required cooling of the electronics. The maximum liquid
temperature allowed for the compact version should be 80ºC.

  • Calibration and maximum error

 MUT 2200 EL / MUT 2500 EL sensors belong to the reference Group
B1 (ISO 11631). Each sensor is calibrated by a hydraulic bench
equipped with a reference weighting system and SIT certified. The
uncertainty of the measure is equal to 0.2% of the read flowrate
value when the velocity of the liquid is more than 0.2 m/s. The
repeatability of the measure is in the order of 0.1%

  • Reference standards

 The EUROMAG magnetic meters are marked CE and are
manufactured according to the following standards:
* CEI EN 61010-1
* UNI EN ISO 6817
* EN 1434
On request, MUT 2200 EL and MUT 2500 EL sensors can be provided
with certification ATEX II 2 GD EEx mb IIC T4 U.
* EN 50081 - 1
* EN 50082 - 1

  • Applications

 The sensors of the family MUT 2200 EL / MUT 2500 EL are suitable
for any application of on-line mensuration. These sensors are
typically used in the mensure of potable o reflow water, industrial
waste water, industrial process liquids, mud and concretes.